Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Day of Doom and Room Re-do!

We lost our Jersey Giant...still not sure how. Could be the neighbors dog, could be a wild animal. He got out and wouldn't go back in. Before we got him he was a free ranger. Ma found him one morning in the field. Normally an adult Jersey Giant will scare predators off but he was just a baby and not that big yet. We loved him and need a protector so I guess I will have to find us some more. We are considering raising them since they are rare chickens and supposed to be friendly and more like a pet. RIP Big Fella...

So days at the farm have been warming up but no matter because we have alot to get done. My older four children will be here soon after visiting their father in Kentucky, Satuday as a matter of fact! We can't wait. So this weekend and week we are working on their room. It needed a new floor. The previous owner was NOT a carpenter. So Don, Phil, Ma and I spent the weekend ripping out the floor, tearing paper off the walls to get to the wood underneath and getting really dirty! This is what it looks like now.

Aren't the boards underneath awesome? I wish we could uncover them through the whole room, but we don't want to freeze so only the interior walls can be uncovered. We plan to strip off the ugly wallpaper boarder and repaint the exterior walls. We are thinking a Navy Blue but who knows... Can you believe how bad it is. The guys have to jack up the walls, replace all the flooring...Yikes...Old Houses, can't live with them, but who wants to live without them?