Saturday, June 6, 2015

~Review~ 100% Authentic Tencel Bed Sheet Set

I received these for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.

I have to say I was worried. So many times I review sheets and they are ugly and uncomfortable. These sheets by Yorkshire-Mayfair are so wonderful. I received a set in a bright orange color. While they do not match anything I own I honestly did not care. As soon as I took them out I could see how wonderful they were. I put them on my bed right away. They are a deep pocket fit so will work on pillow top mattresses. They fit fairly loose on my normal Queen mattress.

I had to lay down and try them. They are so soft, and super silky feeling. But not like silk where you slide off onto the floor and lose your pillows. These are soft and smooth but you stay put. They really are super nice quality. They are well stitched and just look lovely. I plan on buying more in a color that suits my bedroom.

You can get your own Yorkshire-Mayfiar 100% Authentic Tencel Bed Sheets on Amazon.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

~Review~ Hers By Herman Womens Sexy Leupurrrrrd Bra & Thong Set

~I received this for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.~

As always Hers by Herman provides exceptional quality for a low cost. I have really enjoyed all the sets I have bought from them and this one is no exception. This set comes with a light padded push up style hot pink and black leopard print bra and a matching pink and black thong panty. The style is very fun and flirty and I really enjoy the color and look of this set.

The fabric is super soft and a shiny material. It has good and comfortable adjustable straps. The straps are hot pink, and the bra has a hot pink bow on the front. The bra has some padding for lift and underwire. The panty also has a hot pink bow, and is soft and not uncomfortable to wear. It has a wider thong but is pliable. The set looks adorable on and I think it fits pretty true to size.

If you would like to buy this set or the many others they offer you can find it on Amazon.

Monday, June 1, 2015

~NEW CD Release by Michael W Smith “SOVEREIGN”

I am so excited to listen to the new Michael W Smith CD. I got a fun sneak at the new video for the song “Sky Spills Over"

Here’s a quote from Michael W Smith on the video:

"I’m really passionate about the song SKY SPILLS OVER. It was fun creating it in the studio and I’ve been overwhelmed at the response it gets when we perform it live every night. My son Ryan is a really talented filmmaker so I always enjoy working with him on a project. But what made this project even more special was that 3 of my own grandkids were in the video. This video was a lot of fun to make. I hope people enjoy it!"

I hope you enjoy the video, and keep an eye out for my review and a giveaway for the new cd "Sovereign".

~Review~ .intelliGLASS Hardened Glass Screen Protector

~I received this for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.~

I am always terrified I will scratch my screen. When your paying a couple hundred dollars for a tablet or a phone you can not help but worry. I got to test out the .intelliGLASS Hardened Glass Screen Protector and I was curious just from the name alone. So they sent me the iPhone 4 screen protector set.

This screen protector is very thin and totally clear, no frost which drives me insane. It is made from a silicone base layer which adheres well to your phone, the screen protector itself is made of real glass. It seems to be very scratch resistant, no scratches that I can see. It also seems to stay clear of finger prints and makeup smudges. It has an Oleophobic coating that repels fingermarks. It is also very easy to apply. I did not have any issues at all getting it on, there was no bubbles or wrinkles.

The package includes intelliGLASS screen protector, Touch screen cleaner, Dust removal tape, a Microfiber Cloth and intelliARMOR home buttons. For best results I suggest you clean your phone before applying. Can I just say the price is amazing. For this kit, the price is a steal because it is a really nice screen protector.

You can find this and a ton more at Amazon or on the .intelliGLASS website.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

~Review~4 Port USB Wall Charger with SmartLiz Technology

~I received this for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.~

I LOVE getting new chargers. This one is one of my new favorites. It has four ports and is black and only takes one plug. The best thing is you can charge any items on it a once. So for example my daughter and husband can each charge a tablet and a phone all at the same time. This charges pretty quickly compared to other chargers like this we have used. It also has two fast port chargers. This is so useful if you forgot to charge your phone the night before and are in a hurry.

Something I really like is the plug prongs flip down for storage. Easy to store, no worries about kids plugging it in. Very good child safety feature. We use this charger daily in my house and have now for a month. It still works as well as the day I got it. I plan on buying 2-3 more and for the low price, who wouldn't?

You can buy one for yourself on Amazon.