Monday, August 18, 2014

Whew.....Back to School Blues

Sorry I haven't been blogging away...We had some company for the last two weeks. Phil's daughter Jami and her son Drayden who is just a bit over a year old. Nikolas and Dray became instant buddies and we see some fun times in their future! They spent all day every day outside pushing each other out of the car and toy grabbing, ha ha! But all in all for two kids both under two I was impressed with how well they really did get along! I think instant friends describes it perfectly! For two weeks they "mostly" shared toys, snacks and sippy cups. They patted one another when they were crying, or petted each other's heads, and handed over sippies! It was really just darn adorable.
Meanwhile my son Jimmy was here for awhile, so we took advantage of swimming and teaching him about living in the country while we had the chance. That poor kid is all city. The outdoor shower was quite the bone of contention with him! We did have so much fun though and I was sad to see him go! This was his first time meeting Teddy and he hadn't see Nikolas since he was a baby. He does so well with them that I know he will make a wonderful father when the time rolls around!
All in all we have had a wonderful summer and we were sad to see it go. School started on Weds. Thomas cried as he always does worried he would be forced to read something he couldn't. He went into 3rd grade. Emily had a panic attack..I wasn't sure she would make it on the bus she was so nervous. But she did and is on her way through 11th grade. Mickey was his usual...not worried self, the big bad 6th grader. No need for worry, they all had new friends on the first day, they love the bus driver who is a friend of my mom's and went out of his way to get them on his bus! Needless to say it went good and I think it will be a good year! Nikolas wasn't sure about where they went, but he waved goodbye to them as they left on the bus, and now it is so silent. The quiet is amazing...but I miss them.
Emily has been on a photo taking marathon so I will leave you with some of the beauty of Missouri.