Sunday, June 28, 2015

~Review~ Merinte Money Belt With RFID Passport Holder And Credit Card Scanning Protection

~I received this for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.~

I know traveling safely is a huge concern these days. It seems like everyday you hear about someone getting mugged or losing all of their money and credit cards. Now the new thing is electronic pickpocketing. Yes they have a device that can download all of your credit card information without even seeing your card. That is pretty scary. So when I was asked to review this Money Belt and RFID Passport Holder I knew it could be a travel lifesaver.

The belt itself is very nice. I expected like one of those old fanny packs but it's nothing like they were. This is flat and made to store your money, passports and credit cards. The front is solid and has a zippered pocket and the back that lays against your body is mesh to keep you cooler. It has three pockets total so you can hold your family or friends information along with yours. This goes right on your belt or around your waist and lays flat under your shirt or sweater. It can hold a good amount of items without feeling heavy or bulky. It has a very good, tight, flat safety clasp and I was not worried at all about it being able to be yanked off my person. It also is adjustable to almost any size. It fit all members of my family from the kids to the adults. The RFID blockers are built right into the money belt and there are spots just for your credit cards.

I think this is just a must have for any traveler. I am loaning it to my brother when he heads to Europe because he was mugged once before. He would feel much safer using this money belt that is basically invisible. You can get your own Money Belt and RFID Passport Holder on Amazon.