Monday, March 23, 2015

~Review~ Happy Meadow Farm Clutching Puzzle by HABA ~2015 Parents Super Guide~

~I received this for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.~

First off let me say I have owned a number of HABA toys in the past. The quality of HABA toys is exceptional. They are all very well made and last for years. So even though I just received the Happy Meadow Farm Clutching Puzzle I can guarantee it will last my sons many years to come.

My son Nikolas is two, and he is in love with farm life and farm animals. This Happy Meadow Farm Clutching Puzzle was the perfect choice for him. The instant it arrived the house was filled with his happy little laugh as he grabbed each piece and told me what it was. His favorite animals are chickens so I have heard little chicken clucking noises for days now. It's been a wonderful learning tool for him. After just a short period of time he was telling me names and where each animal was located. If you ask where the horse is he pulls off the door and points and then says horse and tries to neigh. It continues that way for the cows, cat and birds.

I do have to say I am not normally a fan of puzzles. They end up everywhere and once the pieces are gone that's it. The pieces on this puzzle how ever are not going to be lost anytime soon. They are thick chunky wood and each has a large round ball on top for easy grabbing. Both Nikolas and the baby can easily grab the puzzle parts. There is not too many pieces but enough to keep a toddler occupied. The wooden board itself is about a half of an inch thick and could not be easily damaged. It's very sturdy for toddlers, who we all know are hard on toys.

The colors on the Happy Meadow Farm Clutching Puzzle are bright and vibrant. The detailing is fun and chunky just like the puzzle itself. Each person, animal or thing is easily recognizable by little one's. He is learning animal sounds and colors quite rapidly from the puzzle. He has been attached to the Happy Meadow Farm Clutching Puzzle from day one. I think this will be his favorite toy for quite awhile.

HABA offers so much more wonderful learning toys than just the Happy Meadow Farm Clutching Puzzle. You can find them at the HABA website! HABA is part of our 2015 Parent Super Guide which features wonderful item's for your family. Check out HABA and the other companies featured on the 2015 Parent Super Guide.

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  1. This looks like a great puzzle, love the chunky pieces. We have also had several puzzles that don't last long as the pieces get lost easily.

  2. Great review I can really envision the chunky-ness of the pieces which are so important to little hands. I like the bright colors and that they can open the doors. How cool to find different animals inside each! My grandson will be 2 on his birthday I think he would love one of these puzzles from HABA.

  3. I have a one-year-old grand-daughter and I'll bet she would LOVE this!

  4. This is so cute! My son would love this! He has something similar at home and plays with it everyday. Thanks for sharing

  5. Puzzles can be a pain...but I like the big knobs and the bright colors of this one!

  6. I love the big knobs. They make the pieces so easy to pick up.

  7. This looks like such a great puzzle! it would be perfect for my little niece! She's 2 and loves the chunky puzzles. :)