Tuesday, December 23, 2014

What are you Thankful for this Christmas?

As the year is almost over and a new year is about to begin, it makes me think of how many wonderful people are in my life. I feel drawn to talk about them today. I hope you'll tell me who you are thankful for as well. For the holiday season to me is truly about friends and family, all the loved one's in our lives.

Last year was a very bad year for my family. As some of you know we were homeless... and it was hard, and heart breaking. With 8 children, and at the time 4 always with us, you wonder what to do. You don't wish this for your family. You don't plan or ask for it to happen. By Christmas time last year we were living in a hotel and had been for 4 months. I was blessed to make some wonderful new friends while we were there. Those friends left us food when we were gone, they bought presents for our children, paid for our place and were supportive. Bless all the people who also lived and worked at that hotel. I will never forget them.

Now to my stepfather...who in all things is my father... I don't think of or call him my step dad. He is my dad. He is no longer married to my mother, but he took my son's to Boy Scouts and Basketball, volunteered as my stepson's Boy Scout coach, provided us with rides when our car broke down. When things got very bad and I was sent to the hospital (I don't think I mentioned I was also pregnant) he took the kids to his house. He took them to school, gave my husband rides back and forth to work, took them to Boy Scouts, went shopping for me. He drove me around to find a house, and took me to Mass. He's been there for me since I was a teenager, I can never repay him just love him...God Bless him. I can not tell you how important this man is to me.

I have some very Awesome friends...I really do...but I have one that is super special. I won't share her photo...she may never forgive me. But here is to Connie! My best friend since the 4th grade. She's been there through thick and thin and was very much there for me during this last year. There was a month we would of been on the street if it hadn't been for her. I love you and your precious little one. And to the others who are always around to listen and give advice. I love you all, Meranda, Nancy, Lauren, Jamie and Tre.

My husband's family...who many times made it so we could stay off the street...No questions, nothing just love and help. I can't ever thank them enough. They kept my babies warm. I barely even know them...but they still gave from the goodness of their hearts. When we showed up for a Christmas party they had gifts for all of my children, not just his. And you know there is a lot of kids. Not just one thing either, numerous gifts. My kids felt so special and loved. God bless them all. I hope to get to know them better and repay them for all the kindness they have shown me.

My mom...who dealt with phone call after phone call after phone call of me freaking out. Whenever I needed someone to just listen, she was there. We are with her now when we had no place else it seemed to go, and I am so grateful. Now we are finally about to go on our own again, but I don't know how it would of happened without her.

For my children... They are my gifts from god, all of them! Emily, Jimmy, Mickey, Enrique, Thomas, Anabel, Nikolas and Teddy. And also to my adopted children..Tiffany and Isabel along with their siblings Kenny, Robert and Sarah...who I am blessed to have known since they were little and love them as much as my own kids.

And lastly my husband...I couldn't of made it without him. He worked three part time, barely paying jobs to keep us afloat, while I was stuck on bed rest and in the hospital. He was supportive, took care of all the kids, dealt with my mood's and pain...and crying and anger and everything else. God couldn't have given me anyone better. He is my gift...

Kiss your loved one's this holiday season, they won't be around forever. Be grateful for WHO you have, not what you have! Merry Christmas!


  1. I love you! There have been so many times that I had no one else to go to, and you were there. I can never thank you enough!

    1. I love you too sweetie! :-) And one day I'll come to visit you!

  2. Precious! How full of heartfelt love and appreciation.... a beautiful testament to the joys of life, family, friends and Christmas. I feel warm and fuzzy now ♡ Merry Christmas, Rebecca ♡