Sunday, August 2, 2015

~Review~ KastKing Orcas Spinning Reel, and More....

I received this for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

My husband and I LOVE to fish. We spend many weekends doing it. So we could not wait to test out our new Kast King Orcas Spinning Reel. I really just love this reel! The action is so smooth, as if it had an auto retract. It reels in on an even keel. When I snag onto a big trout that has fight, the reel's drag is easy to adjust, letting me land the big ones with no problem. The 13 bearing system is awesome when casting, allowing for longer, kink free casts. This has increased my casting accuracy thirty fold, letting me get into those smaller holes where the big ones hide. It's handle is a bit farther apart from the line arm and slightly angled, making reeling in a lot easier ( no more knuckle busters an a fast reel).

The red and black exterior gives an elegant almost space age look, which is very cool. It fits on every rod I have ( except my fly rods) with ease. The Orca reel now has a permanent place in my tackle box! I totally recommend this reel to every angler out there.

They supplied the KastKing Premium Monofilament Fishing Line, we chose blue. I primarily use monofilament as I usually fish for trout and salmon. I've used just about every kind of mono, but this one takes the cake. The blue coloring is awesome as I am able to see my line easier but the fish can't. It's definitely stronger and smoother than the others. The 6lb test that I use recently caught a 26 inch lake trout without one kink or jerk. I was pleasantly surprised that the line didn't break given the fight that fish put up. When lining my KastKing Orca 1000 this line wound incredibly smooth and evenly. This line is surprisingly versatile around the house. It helped my son with his mobile of the planets. I'm so very pleased with this line.

They also sent us KastKing Multi Function Stainless Steel Fishing Pliers. These multi- use pliers are quite handy to have in your tackle box. I typically use my leatherman or a pair of needle nose pliers. However, since I've got this pair of KastKing multi-use pliers, they're both back in my tool box and not my tackle box. This one tool has become one of my favorite tools when I'm fishing. It's got a bent nose which makes removing hooks really easy. The snips on it are quite useful when using braided line. I find them really helpful when I'm retrying my spinners and hooks. They are made out of stainless steel, which makes them sturdy as well as rust resistant. And the rubber grips make them easy to hold when wet.

Lastly we received the KastKing Digital Fishing Scale and Tape Measure. This is also a great tool. We have not had the chance to test it out yet as it was back ordered but it's very nice. I love the attacked tape measure and how small of space this takes up. It works perfectly for hike in fishing trips!

You can get all of these KastKing products and more on Amazon.

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