Sunday, November 22, 2015

Best Candles EVER- Southwestern Style with Ocotillo Southwest Candles and Sprays

I received these free for my honest and unbiased review.

Let me just start out by saying my husband hates candles and yet he asked me to buy more of these. Normally when I bring home a candle he makes a face and cringes. Not this time, this time he asked me what other southwestern scents they had. I let him pick the scent for this one, which was Native Piñon Pine. I have to say having moved to Missouri I miss the smell of Colorado. The instant I pulled one of these candles out the smell of pine tree struck me in an instant. Now I have had some supposed pine tree candles that smelled nothing like a pine tree. I was terrified this would be one of those candles. I was dead wrong, this smells exactly like a Piñon Pine tree, and when I say exact I mean exact. I lit this in my living room and the whole room instantly smelled like my beautiful mountains of Colorado. Enough so that my kids came downstairs saying it smelled like the Rocky Mountains in our house, needless to say they took the other candle.

I had to go see what else this company has to offer, these candles come in a variety of awesome scents like Sopapillas and Honey...My mouth is drooling. You can also get the fun scent of Tres Leches or the sweet smell of Prickly Pear Blossom. Let me tell you if you have not tasted or smelled Prickly Pear your missing out. I have a number of other scents on my list....Rocky Mountain Breeze being next after this delightful Piñon Pine.

This is a beautiful two pack set. They come in Mason Jars, with lids and a beautiful little hand stamped copper charm. These are just beautiful and will be going on my Christmas tree this year. Each set of two comes with a wick dipper. Mine was shaped like a heart and so sweet. The candles burn for a long time considering the size. There is just nothing bad I can say about these candles. I love the scent, colors, extras, and look. They match my primitive and southwestern country home perfectly. I already have some more candles on order for presents this Christmas.

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