Monday, February 8, 2016

~ Review ~ AngelicWare Cloth Diapers Set

I received this set at a discount for my honest review

AngelicWare Cloth Diapers Set

These were such an excellent deal, four diapers, four charcoal thick inserts and a Wet Bag. You cant beat that. The Wet Bag is like any other, zipper pocket, snap handle. No smell or leakage at all when in use. The inserts and thick, and very absorbent. They are very, very soft and we have seen less rashes when using these compared to pre-folds. I always prefer these, and now only use the others when we are low on wash or in an emergency. This set comes with four inserts. They fit well in other name brand diapers, also.

This set also comes with four, gender neutral single color diapers. They are double gusseted and the interior is also that super soft charcoal lining. The outside is a leak proof but soft shell with adjustable snaps. These fit my teeny 1 year old and my almost three year old equally well. The double gussets help hold in any leakage and we have no accidents day or night with these diapers. They have a pocket for inserts but I have honestly layed inserts inside and not in the pockets with the same great results. I love the cute soft gender neutral colors, the softness inside and out and that the set includes a wet bag. Its about a full days worth of diapers for an older child. Who could ask for more, and the price is great! Soft, Works Well and Comfy!

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