Friday, May 20, 2016

How Essential Oils have Changed my Life!

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Essential Oils are a recently new hobby of mine. As many of you know I have fibromyalgia and Lupus and all the pain, stress, anxiety and depression that come with them. I used to take tons and tons of script medications. I spent months in bed, years even. One day I was having to take so many pills a day that I started having trouble breathing. That was it, I was scared. I mean I knew for years how bad these supposed medicines were for the rest of my body. But knowing and KNOWING are two different things. From that day forward I started taking my medication only when my pain and anxiety were so severe that I could not function. Around the same time as that we moved back to the west. Away from the humidity it became a bit easier for me to just stop taking them. I went from up to 12 pain pills a day to none on most days and one on bad days. I started going places again and I quit taking basically everything else I was given. So I went from taking like 20 pills a day to a single pain pill, and something for Restless Leg Syndrome maybe 2 times a week. I started paying more attention to my body and the signs of a bad day to come. I stayed home and took nothing when I could do so. I got my life back basically. I went from doing nothing 6 to days a week to doing nothing maybe 1 day a week, at the maximum two.

Not long after we decided to move back to the midwest and the humidity. Most of my problems came rushing back, although I did try harder than previously, and not let them bother me. One day a friend of my moms came over and began telling me how she used herbs and essential oils for her problems. She was much older than me but I have learned over the years those are the people who know what kind of pain I am going through. I was fascinated listening to her talk. Something that could help me, without killing my liver and kidneys? I started looking into it a bit but was kind of scared of the cost. Then I started working for a company who sells Essential Oil Diffusers. THAT was the day that without a doubt changed and probably saved my life. As hard as I tried to not take all those horrid pills I was hurting mentally and physically and desperate for help. I got a diffuser and a couple different oils. At first I just used them to replace my candles. I laugh at myself now because well Essential Oils may smell wonderful but they do so much more than make your house smell nice. After a bit of time I started noticing I wasn't as depressed. I noticed I wasn't near as stressed or anxious. I noticed that while I was in a ton of pain still, I was handling it. Why? What could possibly have caused that? Nothing had changed in my life or so I thought. As I moved around in my job I started reading more about essential oils and realized, it's the oils....this whole time the oils were helping me and I had no idea.

Up to this point I had mainly been using Citrus Oils, Peppermint, common oils. Then one day a bottle of Clary Sage arrived in the mail. One sniff and I felt all my anxiety just melt away. I honestly had no idea what it was even good for. Needless to say I now keep a bottle in my purse, and by my bed. I use clove and a few others for my pain, and yes it helps just as much as anything else does. I just rub it in or mix with a carrier oil. I am allergic to coconut so I use grapeseed oil instead. I use Essential Oils everyday in my Diffusers. I have one in each room, and no they are not all super expensive. I use BellaSentials the most because they are so nice looking, but I also like Zaq Diffusers. It's become a routine in my house to get up, start the diffusers along with the coffee or tea.

Soon after I started using diffusers I started buying (and making) Essential Oil jewelry. There are a ton of them out there but BellaSentials just started carrying these new ones that are so different and cute. They even have a Diffuser for your car. All you do for these is put a couple drops of oil on the included pads and you're good to go. People ask me all the time also what Essential Oils I use. I prefer Barefut Essential Oils and mainly buy from them. There are a few other good companies like Plant Therapy but Barefut are my favorite. They are cost effective and they have sales on different oils every month. They are totally pure and work just as well as those super expensive brands.

Keep watching for more helpful posts about Essential Oils and their uses! I plan on doing a whole series on oils and their uses!

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