Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Ever Just Want a Normal Toothbrush? Me too......

I received these free for my honest and unbiased review. PrimitiveGypsy will receive a small commission if you purchase from these links.

Do you ever get tired of walking in the store for a toothbrush and then spending an hour trying to decide what kind would work the best? Don't you miss the days when all you had to think about was how hard the bristles were and maybe the color? Me too! I hate toothbrush shopping these days. I can get battery operated, plug-in, stickered, different shapes and the prices, holy moly.

These Sound Feelings toothbrushes are flat and fit all of your teeth, not just some. Many new fangled toothbrushes only hit all of some of your teeth making brushing almost pointless. Many of them are also not very gentle and can hurt you if not used properly. We have had these toothbrushes a few weeks now and I am really happy as is my family. For once I have counter space instead of a million plug-in and battery operated toothbrushes that we all hate to use but feel we need.

The Sound Feelings toothbrushes come in extra soft, soft, hard and even a version for the kids. A four pack is less than the cost of one new fangled toothbrush and if you're not sure what thickness to try, they even have a sample pack so you can try them all. You can buy Sound Feelings toothbrushes on their website HERE or from Sound Feelings on Amazon.

Don't risk messing up your gums forever, go back to the basics. Sometimes things just do not need to be fixed! My house 100% approves. Also as a note, if your kids miss those fancy train and mickey mouse toothbrushes, just buy some stickers and let them attach them. Problem solved and still much cheaper.

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