Friday, February 27, 2015

~Review & Giveaway~ Blueberry Cove Beads Subscription Box

~I received this for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.~

Blueberry Cove Beads is a monthly subscription box. Each month is a different theme and each month there is a Challenge with something in the box. The challenge winner wins a free box. How fun is that? Each box contains between 9 and 13 different items. I got this box for my husband Don and my daughter Emily. They are my jewelry maker's. The beads come in a beautiful little bag, with a wooden tag and a cute postcard.

This month the theme was Vintage Tea Party. The post card explains the theme and this month's challenge.

So here are the fun items that were in our box. First was a bunch of Bronze/Gold colored filigree pieces. These are the pieces that make up the challenge this month. Make a piece of jewelry using a filigree piece.

Then we had some little cake and eye screws. These are very Kawaii...I loved them best.

Some cute little glass pink flowers, very English tea garden.

Some little bronze/gold teapot and teaspoons. Very fitting with this months theme.

Sweet little blue and white ceramic tea cup and saucer. I collect blue and white pottery so I snagged these to display.

We loved the little bronze/gold timepiece, very Alice in Wonderland.. I thinking of a new piece to make here..Cake, Clock... and then some pieces to work with.

Then two chains to match all the bronze colored pieces in the box. Don was in need of chain so he was thrilled that was included.

Two small silver spoons, these didn't really match the other pieces but they are very cute and go with the theme. Not sure yet what we will do with these. They are about the size of vintage salt spoons and I may actually use one for that. YES I can find a decorative use for anything.

A bunch of glass beads with pretty purple flowers. These to me go along with the whole English Tea Garden.

Lastly two large strands of purple and white pearl type glass beads. These are very nice.

For $22, I think and Don agrees that this is a very good value. Beads and Supplies are expensive and this box has good quality items. Plus it also includes a fun theme every month to work with and a contest you can enter. My husband has been having a blast coming up with different things using the items in this box. He says he loves the theme because it made him go out of his comfort zone to try new idea's.

Here are the two items he has come up with using mostly items from the box. He used some black victorian lace to make a choker necklace. He added the pink roses and white pearls, two spoons and a little pink cake. He thought it looked very much like something that would be worn to a "Vintage" tea.

The last piece is his "Contest" piece, so he had to incorporate a filigree piece. He chose some aqua wooden beads he already had to create a cross to hang. He was going for an old fashioned elegance with a modern day appeal.

We really had fun with this box and I look forward to seeing what next month's theme will be. You can sign up for Blueberry Cove on the Blueberry Cove website. They have also graciously offered to give my readers the opportunity to win the March Blueberry Cove box! Enter below!


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  3. I learned that each box will contain between 9 and 13 different items!

  4. I learned that in every monthly box, there is a challenge to make a peice of jewelry

  5. I learned that they have a challenge with a theme

  6. I learned that there is a fun themed challenge with each month's box. I'd LOVE the Woodland box! (sorry if this is a dup comment)

  7. I learned that there is a challenge inside of the box every month! It sounds like it would be a lot of fun!

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