Friday, April 3, 2015

~Review~ SpiceCrafts Salt & Pepper Grinder Set

~I received this for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.~

I LOVE a good Salt and Pepper Grinder. It's what I have used for years. This SpiceCrafts Salt & Pepper Grinder Set is very nice looking. It's Stainless Steel with dual ceramic grinders. Each end has a cap on it. I normally have only had a Pepper Grinder, so it's nice to have both. Both sides are adjustable so you can have it coarse or fine depending on what you like.

This SpiceCrafts Salt & Pepper Grinder Set is easy to use. Even my little kids can use it to grind. What isn't easy to use is the caps on either end. I have trouble getting them off and that is my only complaint about this set. We've been using it daily for about a month and they are still tight. This does mean nothing leaks out but is very hard for my painful hands to open. I wouldn't buy it for the elderly but it's fine for anyone else. Look how fun the caps are? I love the crown.

This is a very nice quality constructed Salt and Pepper Grinder. Its going to last you forever and it holds a lot considering it's a dual grinder. After a month I have not had to refill it yet and we have 10 people in our home.

You can get the SpiceCrafts Salt & Pepper Grinder Set on Amazon!

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